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Gosh, I feel so empty. How did I go all through high school like this? I need to go to a party with people I don’t know.

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You look so pretty in your sleep, tell me

Are you dreaming of me?

Or do you dream about the way that things used to be?

It never was this bad and I was good at more than just always making you sad

I know that I told you that if you just stay with me, things would be fine until the end of time

But you know that there’s no such thing, as a promise ring, that doesn’t lose its shine

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Prepare yourselves for some depressing shit.

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Seahaven // Slow Down

I love this song so much

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Tigers Jaw // Spirit Desire

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Basement - "Fading"

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Today sucks. This week I got out of an 11 month relationship that I thought was going well. I have a midterm tomorrow(Saturday). My roommate brought a boy home with flowers and such while I was watching a movie with my flatmates. I am locked out of my room, alone, too tired to study anymore, and have nowhere to go. Today just sucks.

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